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ATX Environmental Solutions 통역사 채용(경력자 우대)

ATX Environmental Solutions
Manassas /VA


ATX Environmental Solutions 통역사 채용(경력자 우대)


1999년에 설립된 ATX Environmental Solutions  반도체 기계 시스템의 전반적인 유지 보수와 건설 분야에서 포괄적인 서비스를 제공합니다.


<모집 부문 상세내용>


ATX Environmental Solutions 에서는 영어와 한국어 동시통역이 가능한 통역사(풀타임,계약직) 모집합니다. 근무 지역은 매나사스(Manassas)이며 업무 내용은 현장 업무 미팅 통역 등입니다.


-접수 방법:이력서 이메일 접수(info@atxesl.com) / 합격자에 한해 개별 발표


-입사 지원 서류에 허위사실이 발견될 경우, 채용 확정 이후라도 채용이 취소될 있습니다.


자세한 내용은 아래를 참조해주세요.




ATX Environmental Solutions is seeking full-time, temporary interpreters/translators for an upcoming project in Manassas, VA. They will translate and interpret information to/from Korean and English languages of spoken information and written materials to ensure effective communication on site and throughout the duration of the project.




Interpret spoken information to/from Korean and English languages during meetings, telephone calls, etc., including one on one and group settings.

Translate written materials such as correspondence, forms, emails, contracts and documents to/from Korean and English.

Provide interpretation assistance for foreign workers

Answer inquiries from contractors, employees, and clients

Perform other duties as assigned




Fluency (speak, read, write) in Korean and English

Legally authorized to work in the United States

Ability to relay the style and tone of the original language

Ability to render spoken messages accurately, quickly and clearly

Apply cultural knowledge to render an accurate and meaningful interpretation or translation of the original message

Basic computer skills

Critical thinking, multi-tasking skills

Have a flexible schedule. Days, nights and weekends. Longer hours.

Local applicant only

Employment background check


Location: Manassas, VA

Starting date: May 2021

Job Type: Full-time, Temporary

Salary: Negotiable